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The first thing we want all of our prospective clients to know is that we’re independent. We don’t work for any single telecom company that may sell basic or enhanced phone services, Internet, or data services.

We lower your costs by analyzing your price structure, the services you’re paying for, and billing accuracy. If you are owed money, we apply to get it back.

Your choice
If you choose to stay with your current provider, you get to keep all the money that’s due you. However, we will charge a consulting fee—typically far less than the amount of your refund.

We also may be able to offer you comparable or even better service for less money. If you do switch providers, we still get your money back. However, there is no consulting fee. We are paid by the new provider.


Who can benefit?
you can!

No matter what kind of business you run, or where you run it, odds are, we can save you money.

[Note: We can provide services to customers in every contiguous state.]

we can provide

Local and long distance phone service

Non-hosted service: With this type of service, the phone system is in your office. You can choose from two types of non-hosted service:

  • Voice only (called TDM)
  • Voice that goes out over a different type of transport—one that also allows sending and receiving images, videos, and other data (called SIP).

Hosted service: With hosted service, the phone equipment is located anywhere but your office, which could mean in different states.

Hosted service is attractive if, for example, your company has offices located in three cities. This type of service ensures continuity in the event of a power failure. If one system goes out, another will pick up seamlessly.

Each system can take messages, change messages, and provide every other response you want available to serve your customers.

Another advantage of hosted service is that the system can be set up so that any computer can access all of your services from anywhere. This can be a tremendous convenience if you are out-of-town for any reason.

Data and Internet services

We customize our Internet-speed recommendations based on your company’s current and anticipated usage.

A business with only one office has much different needs than a company that has multiple locations throughout the country. We’re able to provide the best telecom services to businesses of all sizes. Here are two specific examples of clients we can serve:

Here are two specific examples of clients we can serve:

Single-office businesses: Providing or updating telecom services to a small or mid-size company is usually straightforward. A law firm, for example, with about 20 attorneys and staff members might be fine with a 20 meg fiber, microwave, satellite, or copper transport.

Once we ensure that the correct telecom service has been brought to the building, your IT provider brings the service from that connection to all of the phones, computers or other equipment within your office.

Multi-site businesses: Any company with multiple offices is likely to have a range of needs. In the case of one multi-state medical lab company, the software that generates proposals is located at company headquarters. Individual labs in areas all over the country send their data to headquarters so the software can generate proposals for clients.

The small, individual labs might be fine with only 5 meg transport. However, at company headquarters, 100 meg transport is needed to receive and send data to all of the satellite labs.

Recommendations of technology providers

We know which companies offer the best service, billing, fee and tax transparency, and overall costs.

We vet a wide range of providers, and recommend only those that are best for our clients. Among those are providers of:

  • Phone systems: Companies that provide phone systems for offices.
  • Wiring services: For both voice and data. We can recommend providers for both union and non-union buildings, based on the requirements of building management.
  • Web site development: We recommend those companies we believe will do the best job for each client.
  • Co-location services: Back-up provided in different locations for optimal protection.
  • Disaster recovery planning: We can help arrange for plans in any price range. However, in this particular case, the level of protection will be determined almost exclusively by the client’s budget. At one extreme, a large company can put in a $6 million plan that comes with a guarantee that no phone call or single byte of data will ever be lost.

    At the other end of the spectrum, we can put in a $25 phone line that customers or clients can call in the event of a service disruption.

    Somewhere between these two extremes is a system that works best for you. We will work with you to devise that system.

General telecom consulting

Any business can encounter problems with the equipment or services they use. Here are just a few examples of the situations we’ve been called in to handle:

  • Problem solving: A glass installation company thought they needed to change data service providers because they were experiencing repeated problems with billing. We were able to solve the problem without the company’s having to change anything.
  • Training: We have been brought in to teach employees about telecom and how it works.

    We also have trained employees from a wide range of industries on how to use their new telecom systems.
  • Help with restoring service: One client experienced problems when an 18-wheeler truck knocked down a pole that carried utility cables from the street to the building. The company had no electricity, Internet, or phone services, because their back-up service was not planned properly.
  • Saving a business much more than money: In another instance, a business owner called to see if we could save him money on his telecom services. He had a well-functioning system, which included secure back-ups.

    However, when I went to inspect the system components, I found that whoever had set up his system brought all of the cables together under a slop sink in the janitor’s closet. The new customer called in an electrician to move the wires, which prevented what could have been a major problem down the road.
  • What and when to buy: We advise customers not only on the types of equipment, services and vendors that will provide them with comparable or better service—at the best possible prices—but also, on the optimal times to make changes in their equipment or services. The result: They save even more money.

How we're

We’re very proud of our capabilities, services, and experience. We also pride ourselves on transparency. Our customers know exactly why and how we make the recommendations that we do. Some of NeatComm’s differentiating qualities:

  • We don’t charge a fixed fee or take a percentage of the money we save for you. You get to keep it all.
  • We don’t push one provider over another. We represent 85 different telecom providers, and we’re paid by the carrier. So what’s best for you is all that matters to us.
  • We don’t sell and run; we’re here to help you for the long term.
  • We never ask clients to sign an auto-renew contract. In fact, as a demonstration of good faith, we have customers sign a document specifically indicating that we will not have them automatically renew their contracts.

About us

After many years working for telecom companies, and managing multiple offices for one major phone provider, I decided to become a broker/consultant. That way, I wasn’t limited to dealing with only one company. By being independent, I’m able to focus solely on what’s best for you and your business.

Right now, I represent 85 carriers, including Verizon, New Horizons, MetTel, Broadview, Time Warner, Cablevision, Lightpath, and Lightower.

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